In 2007, Amici’s Pizzeria was awarded the Certified Green Restaurant® mark from the national nonprofit Green Restaurant Association. The GRA was founded in 1990 and its program is the national standard for Certified Green Restaurants®. This non-profit provides one-on-one environmental consulting to help restaurants implement green practices into their daily operations. Since working with the GRA, we’ve accomplished a number of steps that have helped us significantly reduce the environmental impact of Amici’s, and create a healthier, greener restaurant for you, our valued customers.

Some of the steps we’ve taken to improve our environmental impact include: full-scale recycling, reducing our energy consumption with energy-efficient equipment, using nontoxic cleaning chemicals throughout the restaurant, using paper products made from post-consumer recycled content, and more. In fact, Amici’s was the first restaurant in Berkley to begin a recycling program, now other businesses are following our lead.

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In the Kitchen, we use organic products whenever possible. Our vegan and vegetarian pizzas are available with soy cheese. We also have gluten-free crust!